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High pure hydrochloric acid(refined hydrochloric acid) HG/T 2778-1996

1. Properties:Colorless or yellowish transparent volatile liquid with corrosion.
2. Use:It is used to adjust anolyte PH value of ionic membrane sodium hudroxide, in the regeneration of resin tower and the application of high purity.
3. Packing:tank car or ship.

Total acidity(calculated HCL)% ≥
Calcium(calculated Ca)mg/L ≤
Magnesium(calculated Mg)mg/L ≤
Iron(calculated Fe)mg/L ≤
Evaporation residue mg/L ≤
Free chlorine mg/L ≤

A. Skin, use water to wash for at least 15minutes or use 2% sodium bicarbonate solution to wash. Any ambustion, go to hospital.
B., Eye, use flowing water or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution to wash.
C. Sucking: Leave for fresh air place. Decompensation, please feed in oxygen, or offer 2-4% sodium bicarbonate solution nebulizing, go to hospital.
D. Eating, Mistakenly eating, gargle right away, and eat some milk, egg white, seed fat, etc. no emetic, and go to hospital right away.

A. Engineering control: closed operation, ventilated, mechanization and automation.
B. Respiratory system preserving: Touching its steam and smog, wear gas mask or supplied-air headpiece. Emergency situation, it might wear self-contained breathing apparatus as well
C. Protective clothing: wear work-clothes (manufactured by corrosion-proof material)
D. Others: After operation, please bath.

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